Chris Trevor.
Chris Trevor.

Political history in the making

THE FIRST Galaxy Poll of the 2010 election campaign shows Labor as the voters’ preference over the Coalition.

Julia Gillard has announced the Australian Federal Election for Saturday, August 21, and leads Labor into the polls with the catchphrase of ‘Moving Forward’.

The 2010 election is making history with a number of firsts including the first female Prime Minister.

It will be the first August election since 1943 and the first winter campaign since 1987.

It will also be the first time Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have campaigned as party leaders in an election.

Tony Abbott will be the third opposition leader since November, 2007, and while he has been Opposition Leader for seven months, Ms Gillard has only been a party leader for less than a month.

This history-making election will elect members to the 43rd Parliament of Australia.

The 2010 election comes three months short of the three year anniversary of Labor’s 2007 win and a recent Galaxy Poll found 57% of Queensland voters believe the unorthodox dumping of Kevin Rudd has harmed Labor’s re-election chances in Queensland.

In 2007, Mr Rudd led Labor to victory after 11 years in opposition.

Labor’s election promises leading into the August 21 polling day are for a sustainable Australia and not a bigger Australia, and to bring the budget into surplus by 2013.

Meanwhile, Mr Abbott said the Liberal-National Coalition would end the waste, repay the debt, stop the taxes and stop the boats.

He said the election was about giving a great people a better government.

Enrolment to vote cut-off is 8pm Monday so first time voters need to enrol by today if they want their vote to count.

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