STORM Chaser Jeff Higgins thinks he has discredited the "dome theory", which some Gladstone residents believe is behind why the city often misses out on significant weather events.

But he has offered an alternative theory.

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He said while many Gladstone residents believe the city misses rain "because of the smelter" and other industrial landmarks, the science behind that theory doesn't stack up.

"Mother nature and the winds, are a much stronger influence than an industrial site," he said.

"It wouldn't matter if you generated a huge amount of release from those smelters --- it wouldn't have an immediate impact.

"The steering strengths of the atmosphere would overpower those forces."

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He said the mountain range to Gladstone's west is more likely to be behind why Gladstone often misses out in extreme weather events.

"Ranges do have an influence on the steering patterns. They may have a tendency to push storms to the north or the south."

He said the rain clouds gravitate towards moisture, in this case, the ocean, and would usually take the quickest route to it by going around the range.

He said Rockhampton had a similar scenario with "Mount Morgan to contend with".

He said residents are looking for a logical reason behind why our city misses out on significant weather events, but "you could go a hundred kilometres to the south and they wouldn't have the smelter as an excuse."

"You look at Bundaberg and they've got less than a mil, so they're probably feeling ripped off now," he said.

"Gladstone was a bit of surprise packet --- we expected the Mackay and Rockhampton to continue, but now you are expecting anywhere between a 100 and 200mm.

"You got lucky."

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