Typical Gladstone bloke: hi-vis, tatts, works on the island

HI-VIS and tattoos seem to be the order of the day for the average Gladstone bloke.

The Observer took to the streets to ask people what a typical Gladstone male looked like and did.

According to them, he works hard, drinks a fair bit, is often tired, and has been described by some of our commenters as a bogan and a scrubber.

But on the whole it seems he is exactly what you'd expect to find in an industrial city such as Gladstone.

The blokes here are really no different to workers who do the tough stuff in any town in Australia.

It's just that there are loads of them, and hi-viz is certainly the order of the day.

Here are some of your responses, featured in Wednesday's Observer:

Rachel Donovan: He wears a bright orange uniform and works on the island.

Claude, 12: He would do daily fitness, eat healthy, goes to the beach to chill - always sun safety. He would keep the style up.

Dylan Sagar: They wear work clothes most of the time. Most people work on the island.

Sherie Malcolm: He works, drinks a lot, likes to play games and have a good time.

Jade Bracken: They all work on Curtis Island and have a heap of tattoos.

Kerry Moore: He probably wears hi-vis and works in construction.

Roslyn Knight: They wear un-ironed work clothes, dirty shoes and they are quite unkempt. Mostly working on the island, tradesmen.

Rebecca Cutts: Rough, outgoing, typically Australian, outdoorsy and a little arrogant.

Krista Gadd-Mott: Hardworking. They seem really easygoing and laid-back.

Kaitlin Weekes: I don't know. There's just so many varieties out of the guys I know.

Jahna Tumoana: A typical guy in Gladstone wears hi-vis work clothing. No-one cares what they look like at work because they work 15 hours a day.

Alicia Hill: Pub-loving, footy-kicking yobs.

Michaela Ward: Prim and proper nowadays with metro haircuts and stubble, and work on the island.

Brittany Winter: All miner types who are really manly. They are very polite.

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