That's a wrap on Hey Mumma...for now

OVER the past six weeks, we've taken you into the lives of four everyday mums from around the regions to bring you Hey Mumma.

With host Susie O'Neill, we discussed topics close to every mummas heart; sharing stories, useful information and letting other mums know they're not alone.

We met our Ipswich battler mum Meltopia Grandelis, an incredibly strong woman with five children and an aura to calm the wildest of fires.

We met Deanne Stock from the Sunshine Coast, a fitness-fanatic mum of two with traditional values and a heart of gold.

Our pocket-rocket Katie Dykes from Woodford won over many hearts with her no-nonsense, get on with it attitude and inspiring story of why she doesn't let being in a wheelchair limit anything she does as a mother of two and human being.

Gisela Parker of Coffs Harbour made us smile with her positive and bubbly approach to motherhood, life and her two little ones under three.

In week one we talked technology and kids - how do you get the balance right at home? Katie taught us that switching off the wi-fi was a good start, and our parenting expert outlined the rules of thumb with exposure to devices over the ages.

In week two we reignited the fiery topic of smacking. Some of our mums had recently back-flipped on their approach to discipline with host Susie admitting after 10 years, she had now realised smacking had not worked in her home.

Week three brought us into the health and nutrition space where our expert outlined five foods to remove from your child's lunchbox.

Week four we talked work/life balance and how our mummas found the right mix. We learned Katie's ex-husband lasted six weeks as a stay at home dad when they did a role-swap experiment. We also heard the heartbreaking stories of Meltopia, Deanne and Katie's battles with postnatal depression and how work was a somewhat saviour for their mental health.

We then moved into schooling, specifically the public versus private debate. Our expert told us research showed public school kids tended to do better at university than those who came through the private system.

And this week we wiped the dust from the long-lost concept of me-time. The crux of this one - mummas need it!

As a bonus, we've pulled together a bonus episode - advice from one mumma to another. Check it out online.

We hope you've laughed with us, cried with us and loved every minute of our Hey Mumma series as much as we loved bringing it to you.

We're looking at making Hey Mumma a regular piece in our weekly content mix, so stay tuned, Mummas!

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