Elizabeth Allnutt

Here’s how to design the perfect bedroom

WITH the last of our house footings poured recently, it's time to finish off the block work. Just in time too as our frames are being delivered next week. With all the rain and delays aside, it looks like things are still running smoothly. It's time to start thinking about the finer details of the interior of our build.

I tell you what, it's pretty hard to get an answer from your interior stylist when she is your wife and especially when Jess works full time for her dad and runs a busy household. I think this is why I tend not to make any styling suggestions, that and it really doesn't bother me, as long as there is a place to put my fishing rod and boat.

There are a couple of areas where my expertise come into play, however. That is: custom cabinetry, kitchens and wardrobes. I've have seen a lot of different styles and set outs and it's easy for me to pick a favourite. I think the old double hanger with some shelving space is a waste of time in a family home. But there are some people though that swear by it. It all depends on your needs and space availability. Here are some option to consider: 

Custom built-in cabinetry

This style is usually constructed and fitted by a cabinetmaker with kitchen-style doors and is especially good if you have an open wall space that has not been built in by plaster. You do need quite a large room to install this type of cabinetry as the doors open outwards. It's also easy to adapt this style to what you want. I love this style with a study desk in the middle for kids' rooms and make-up desk for the girls in your life. The doors really are limit less with 2Pac, Laminex, even raw craft wood with a profile, which is what we usually used on Reno Rumble. That way you can paint it whatever colour you like. This style is the most expensive though.

Open shelving

We used this style in the very first bedroom Jess and I ever renovated on The Block elimination round a year ago. It's perfect for really small spaces. The unit ends up being quite a feature of your room, but if your messy like me its probably not going to be the best idea. If you're lucky enough to have your very own walk-in-robe then the options are endless depending on the size of your room. The fact that there are no doors really brings the price down, which means you can choose a really cool colour for the shelving instead of just white.

Built-in robes

These are probably the most used style of robes in the country. This style is usually constructed with a plaster bulkhead and walls. Some have doors that match the rest of the house and others sliding doors. Sliders are an ideal space saver for a space that doesn't allow a door to open. There are many different finishes to from mirror, smoked mirror, glass and timber. However, it is important to get the inside layout right before you even look at which doors you want. Try and maximise space. Drawers are not usually optimal in these styles of robes as they take up too much room. Open shelving is your best bet. This is your most cost effective style of wardrobe.

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