Community's big heart helps family

CRESSIDA Keddie got the surprise of her life on Saturday when TV show Selling Houses Australia unveiled her new home.

What started off as a liveable shed that Cressida was unable to sell has now become a home that will be sold to raise money for a new start in life for Cressida and her kids. Cressida suffers from arthritis and has been trying to sell her property to pay for medical treatment, however, after two years, the property has not sold.

That is where Selling Houses Australia stepped in and with the help of local businesses have remodelled Cressida’s house to improve her chances of a sale. A Selling Houses Australia spokesperson said the response from the local community has been incredible.

“We are doing things on a relatively small budget and I have never had such a great response from any other community,” he said.

“We couldn’t have done this without the help of the local community and this has been our most ambitious project ever,” he said.

“I also think that Cressida is the most deserving person and I hope she gets the new start in life she is looking for.”

Cressida and the Selling Houses Australia team would like to thank the following local businesses who provided material and labour for the project.

Engineers Queensland

Inovar Floor


Sassy Australia

Harbour City Tiles & Carpets

Steeline Roofin Spot

Boral Concrete

Busteed Building Supplies

McCoskers Glass & Aluminium

Burgmann Environmental Management

Calliope Rural traders

Tutt Bryant Hire

Wood & Johnson Painting

Ergon Electricity

Everhard Industries

Natraspray Pest Control

Rayment Excavations

Blomfield Excavations

Brad Harris Plumbing

Tenheggeler Homes

Graeme Corby Plumbing

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