NEW YEAR, NEW STATION: Michael J Bailey thinks State High School student Kyle Weekes, 15, will be Australia's next Hot DJ.
NEW YEAR, NEW STATION: Michael J Bailey thinks State High School student Kyle Weekes, 15, will be Australia's next Hot DJ. Mike Richards GLA180119DJKW

Help State Radio make a comeback for Gladstone students

IT'S 2019 and a new radio station will be re-entering the Gladstone airwaves.

But there is a catch - this will be an exclusive broadcaster that not everyone can tune into.

It will be exclusive to just over 1800 students.

The station name will be State Radio.

The new station manager Kyle Weekes explained why the station is restarting.

"I'm starting up this station because I feel like this will brighten up people's day,” he said.

"Being a teenager is stressful and music has been proven to be one of the best stress management tools out there.

"Plus I started it up because I want to give back and in Gladstone there are some families that can't afford to have a holiday or a new PlayStation4 or even to go out for dinner.

"This is what I want to change.

"I want to set up a free competition to give away the odd holiday or free meals at places some people can't even imagine going to.

"I went to my principal Mr (Garry) Goltz and asked if I could start it up again.

"He said 'of course' and ever since then I have been working off my butt trying to get it up and running.”

Some people are calling Kyle "Gladstone's newest Radio Super Star.”

People are asking Kyle if and when State Radio will be available to the rest of the Gladstone community.

"The new State Radio station will be only broadcasting inside Gladstone State High,” he said.

"But we would like to eventually widened our broadcast area to the whole of the Gladstone community.”

State Radio is a community radio station and is a non-for-profit organisation and needs your help to get up and running.

Kyle is looking for sponsors for this new radio station.

If you would be interested in sponsoring State Radio you can contact Kyle via email

"We currently have Classic Hits 4CC helping out behind the scenes and Gladstone Printing Service helping out with our logo,” Kyle said.

"But we need to replace our studio because the studio we have was donated to Gladstone State High in 2003 and that's older than me.

"When we tried to turn on our old studio it started smoking and just refused to work.

"So we really need someone to sponsor our new studio.”

State Radio will be on air before school and during lunchbreaks.

The best part of the radio station is that it's for the school community and run by the school community.

Students of Gladstone State High will join Kyle and will take turns hosting the radio gigs.

This will give students extra skills for the workplace and could uncover talents.

Kyle, with the help of Classic Hits 4CC, will train students in how to run and host a radio program.

This will bring many benefits to Gladstone.

But the students need your help to get it up and running.

Kyle is now in Year 10 and is very passionate about radio and his community.

"Radio is the best way to connect to your community,” he said.

Everyone knows Gladstone is struggling right now and State Radio wants to get everyone thinking positively.

Kyle has grown up in the Gladstone Region and has tried to help his community all his life.

He has even won awards for his community spirit.

When he's not doing radio, Kyle helps out at community events like Harbour Festival by working with GECC or at the Mayor's Carols.

So Kyle's not new to helping the community.

If your company has anything that could help State Radio please feel free to contact Kyle at - anything can help.

Students and teachers are excited that they are going to get their radio station back better than ever.

The list of students wanting to join is incredible, there are so many students wanting to help.

Let's make this a reality by sponsoring State Radio.

Help Kyle help the community to get his dream up and running as this will help students develop skills like speaking in public, sales, budgeting, creativity and very importantly - how to work as a team.

Remember this is the next generation and these students could be working for you or with you.

This new venture will cost at least $10,000 so if you can help please do so by contacting Kyle at

Kyle can't wait to get State Radio up and 'on air'.

I had to laugh when Kyle's parents Peta and Kevin Weekes said that Kyle wanted to be a radio announcer ever since he first came out - very funny.

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