Chinese medicine may help sleep-deprived sufferers

CHRONIC fatigue sufferers generally seek alternative treatments because modern medical treatment options are few and far between and they often come with heavy side effects.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is estimated to effect up to 0.07% of the Australian population (over 180,000 people).

While this is a lot of people, many times this figure are troubled by fatigue in their daily lives, but fall outside of a CFS diagnosis.

Other symptoms include difficulty concentrating, headaches, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, muscle aches, joint aches, fever, difficulty sleeping, psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety to name a few.

In Chinese medicine a typical diagnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome may involve kidney-adrenal exhaustion, spleen-stomach and liver organs.

However, every patient is different and an individualised program is devised for each patient aimed at improving energy levels, enhancing immune function, easing aches and pains, and improving sleep, stress and anxiety.

The acupuncturist at Active Physio Health will observe your tongue and feel your pulse in order to help form a Chinese medicine diagnosis and choose the right acupuncture points.

Chinese medicine offers a unique perspective on understanding complex conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and offers a safe and natural alternative for those who don't accept the "do-nothing-lie- in-bed-and-wait" approach.

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