Heatwave conditions are expected to impact CQ this weekend.
Heatwave conditions are expected to impact CQ this weekend.

HEATWAVE: 40C+ temperatures forecast for parts of CQ

TEMPERATURES will climb into the 40s in some parts of Central Queensland over the next few days as a heatwave sweeps through the state.

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Laura Boekel said the heatwave would affect most parts of eastern Queensland.

She said more northern parts of Queensland could expect temperatures 2-5C above average.

In Rockhampton, Biloela, Emerald, Clermont, Blackwater, Moranbah and Dysart, temperatures are forecast to reach 39-41C when the heatwave peaks on Sunday.

But if you live closer to the coast, such as in Mackay, Gladstone or Yeppoon, Ms Boekel said the heatwave would not be as noticed due to reprieve from sea breezes.

“Any areas inland of coastal Queensland areas will be experiencing heatwave conditions,” she said.

Mackay, Gladstone and Yeppoon can expect respective highs of 33C, 34C and 32C on Sunday.

Ms Boekel said those living in areas expected to be badly impacted by the heatwave should take extra care.

“Heatwave conditions are when we see higher than average maximum but also minimum temperatures,” she said.

“Minimum temperatures are the important ones because if they are above average we don’t get that reprieve from the heat and start to see impacts especially around those more vulnerable people in our community.”

Ahead of the heatwave, a series of thunderstorms have been forecast.

“We are expecting thunderstorms redeveloping over western and central Queensland this afternoon,” Ms Boekel said.

“Tomorrow we are really going to see that storm activity peak along a trough.

“So the trough reaches from the Gulf country all the way down to the southeast so there’s quite a large area there that could expect thunderstorms tomorrow.

“There is a chance that these thunderstorms might become severe so we are encouraging people to keep a look out on our website and at the warnings.

“The thunderstorms are unlikely to reach the coast but we are not ruling that out at this stage.

If they do reach the coast it will happen much later in the afternoon and into the evening.”

Ms Boekel said fire dangers were edging close to the warning zones across parts of Queensland and the peak day for this was Saturday.

“Beyond Saturday conditions change and that really hot, dry and windy condition will ease off,” she said.


Rockhampton: Friday 19-33C, Saturday 20-37C, Sunday 22-39C

Gladstone: Friday 20-30C, Saturday 21-33C, Sunday 22-34C

Biloela: Friday 16-33C, Saturday 17-33C, Sunday 19-39C

Yeppoon: Friday 21-28C, Saturday 21-31C, Sunday 23-32C

Emerald: Friday 19-36C, Saturday 21-38C, Sunday 23-40C

Clermont: Friday 19-36C, Saturday 21-39C, Sunday 23-41C

Blackwater: Friday 19-35C, Saturday 20-39C, Sunday 21-40C

Moranbah: Friday 17-37C, Saturday 20-40C, Sunday 21-41C

Mackay: Friday 19-31C, Saturday 21-32C, Sunday 21-33C

Dysart: Friday 18-36C, Saturday 21-39C, Sunday 22-40C

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