Health gurus have taken all the fun out of life

WHO invented the word health? If you know can you let me know because I want to punch them on the ear?

Since the fun of Christmas and New Year is finally behind us I decided to become healthier due to a couple of things, like my tummy turning off the treadmill before my hand does, and forgetting what my shoe laces look like on any given day.

This has not only helped me as I've lost about 10kg, it's also made me shop for new clothes as the old ones simply fall off me.

But it's also made me realise how much fun I'm now missing out on.

A few short months ago I used to take enjoyment out of having a few snacks after a busy day at the radio station.

You know the drill. You get home from work, slip off the shoes, remove the pants, sit in your underwear, flicking TV stations with the remote control in one hand and a beer in the other, eating chocolate, chips and anything that had a dietary label that would scare small children.

This of course can't be any good for you in the long term. Or as some would know it, as "a term defined as South Sydney term"...(years between premierships).

It caused me to stack on the pounds and make me look a bit like that tyre man in the ads, so I stopped.

I hate going for a swim with my kids and it's them who laugh at me when my tummy comes out of the water before I do.

I made the decision to lose the kilos by going to the gym, eating smaller meals with vegies, having heaps of fruit instead of things like ice cream and moving a lot more instead of sitting on my behind.

As it's worked I'm trying to see how far I can go.

I don't want to become a super athlete, I don't want to compete in any weird competitions that involve vomiting and falling over and I certainly don't want to become Mr Universe with muscles the size of the Roosters trophy cabinet.

I just want to be me.

I just hope I can keep the weight off, my physique at a level that makes me happy and a fridge full of good stuff instead of hops and calories.

To top this all off I've been invited to go to Sydney for a photographic shoot in April.

They haven't said too much on what the magazine photos will be for, but I can only guess. Not sure why they've ordered an industrial crane though. Must be a prop in the background I think...

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