STAR: Hayley Marsten on the set of her second EP, Lonestar's next two music videos.
STAR: Hayley Marsten on the set of her second EP, Lonestar's next two music videos.

Hayley Marsten returns to her roots to shoot new music video

TO HONOUR all the people who helped pave the path to her success, country music singer/songwriter Hayley Marsten has decided to return to her roots.

Now living in Brisbane, the former Gladstone girl journeyed up to her home town last weekend to shoot the next two, soon-to-be-released music videos from her EP Lonestar.

"I've had a bunch of people support my career, and where I am wouldn't have been possible without them," Marsten said.

"I was really proud to get to include them in these videos."

One of those major influences was Marsten's former high school drama teacher, Peta Pitt.

The Gladstone State High School teacher was asked to be an extra in one the videos, shot in the Central Queensland town on Saturday and Sunday.

"She was a bit reluctant at first because she didn't want to stuff it up, but she did an amazing job," Marsten said.


"She's seen me from when I was just starting out, to now, and having her there was extremely special."

Made possible by the $10,000 Regional Art Development Fund grant Marsten received at the end of last year, New South Wales film company The Filmery trekked up to Gladstone for the third and fourth music videos after the release of Marsten's second EP in June, 2017.

"I love my home town. I'm very proud to be from Gladstone," Marsten said.

She said because of the support the CQ region had shown her over the last few years, she felt passionately about involving them.

"I had such a blast including Gladstone ... it was wonderful," she said.

Lonestar is Marsten's second EP. It follows the release of Even, in 2015.

Marsten was heavily involved in the production phase this time around.

"Having such a strong hand in the production is something I haven't done in the past, which made it that much more special to see it all come to life," she said.

"These are the most exciting, funny and emotional videos we've ever done. We worked really hard. I am very proud it."

Country music fans can expect to see the first of the two music videos out this month, with the other expected to be released in June or July.

2015's Even had two singles, which both reached top 40 chart success.

In 2015, Marsten was announced as one of the 10 finalists for the prestigious Toyota Star Maker competition.

In 2017 she released the first single Until You from her second EP, Lonestar.

The EP debuted at No. 8 on the ARIA Country Albums Chart and No. 1 on the Australian Independent Records Association Chart (AIR Chart).

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