Having trouble in car parks? Learn to drive better

GLADSTONE drivers have mixed feelings about whether special car parks are needed for four-wheel-drives and other large vehicles, but most agree people need to learn to drive better.

Commenting on an opinion piece about how difficult it is to see around large vehicles in car parks, The Observer's Facebook likers said the issue wasn't so much the size of the vehicles, but how people drove - and the size of modern car parks.


>> Park your big, dirty four-wheel-drives elsewhere

>> Yes, I'm one of 'those' four-wheel-drive people

"The type of car doesn't matter. It's the fact that some people can't park which causes the problem," Tarlia Smith commented.

Rodney Milne agreed, saying, "I see so many little bubble cars parked so badly. I think it comes down to consideration, something not taught for a few decades now."

Kym Thomson said if the people who designed car parks had any idea, there wouldn't be any problems with parking cars in Gladstone.

"It's not the car you drive, it's the town planning or lack of.

"I find people who drive bigger cars more aware of the size of their vehicle and drive accordingly, whereas some people who drive little cars think they can take up as much room as they want."

Lisa and Ben McCarthy suggested people in smaller cars should try reversing into car parks.

"As you drive out you can see past anything and everything, including over the tray of a 'dirty 4x4 ute'."

Small-car driver Jasmine Salis said people needed to drive slower in car parks, and to learn some patience.

Pamela Penny was a fan of separate parking areas for larger vehicles, saying it was hard to see around them when reversing.

Nathan Emerson agreed: "Yes. Especially difficult to reverse out when you have two of them either side of you."

Jessica Rashleigh said car parks hadn't been designed with four-wheel-drives in mind.

"They are designed for a standard car. Maybe they need to put in large car parking at shops," she said.

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