Have a say on Drink Safe Precincts

QUEENSLANDERS are being invited to have their say about Drink Safe Precincts.

Attorney General Paul Lucas said Drink Safe Precincts were set up in Townsville, Fortitude Valley and Surfers Paradise just over a year ago to help ensure people enjoying a night on the town could do so in a safe environment.

Mr Lucas said one survey had already been carried out since the two-year trial started and it was important to gauge the communities' reaction to the initiative.

"I particularly want to hear from young people and workers in our Drink Safe Precincts," he said.

"On a Friday night, up to 50,000 people, for example, go to the Valley and there are around 75 venues there where staff also work.

"I want them to have their say.

"Young people often complain that Government's don't listen to youth.

"This is their opportunity to have their say."

Mr Lucas said people would be able to log on to the Queensland Gove rnment's Get Involved website to participate in the survey.

"You can get online from today to have your say and you'll be able to participate until March 4," he said.

"We know from previous surveys that most people are aware that Drink Safe Precincts exist and around 60% of people feel safe in Drink Safe Precincts.

"Two thirds of patrons say the visible presence of police officers is an effective deterrent and more than half identified banning orders as an effective method of dealing with the minority who are mugs and thugs trying to ruin the night for everybody.

"The reality is, people want to be able to go out, have a good time, and return home safely.

"That's why the Bligh Government committed $8.5 million for the first two years of the Drink Safe Precinct trials.

"Conducting these surveys is an important way of making sure they're working."

The two-year trial commenced in December 2010 following recommendations by t he Law, Justice and Safety Committee's inquiry into alcohol-related violence.

Go to www.qld.gov.au/drinksafe to complete the survey.


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