Anorexia increasing in Gladstone: dietician

DIETICIAN Megan Leane says it was not just obesity rates that are a concern in Gladstone, but also rates of anorexia.

"We have a huge obesity epidemic at the moment, which is worrying," she said.

"The obesity rate in Gladstone is 11% higher than the national average."

She said at the other end of the scale she was seeing more people with anorexia.

"I am treating more clients who have anorexia, and more men as well," she said.

"On a positive note, there is more information out there and people are more comfortable seeking help."

Ms Leane said managing a healthy diet and exercising regularly was important to maintaining good health at both extremes.

"We follow the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating that recommends eating a variety of foods from each food group," she said.

"Chronic diabetes, high blood cholesterol and heart disease are all associated with obesity and can cause major health concerns."

She said being so cautious of intake that you limited your intake from the food groups could also cause serious health problems.

"Eating from all food groups is important," she said. "It is inappropriate to cut out a food group.

"They are essential and need to be there every day."

Ms Leane is a member of the Dieticians Association of Australia and supports National Nutrition Week this week.

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