Big sale signs are up at Mitre 10 Boyne Island, but by the end of the month the store will be closed for good.
Big sale signs are up at Mitre 10 Boyne Island, but by the end of the month the store will be closed for good.

UPDATE: Huge discounts as Mitre 10 prepares to close

UPDATE, May 11:

Mitre 10 Boyne Island is spruiking its huge discounts on its Facebook page, ahead of the store's closure.

Everything in the store is discounted as owners Kevin and Annie Hooper prepare to close after owning the store for 27 years.

Today they updated their page saying, "We've still got stock that needs to go, come on down for great specials you won't see again. Heavily discounted prices on selected stock!"

The store still has nuts and bolts, sprinklers, rope and more.

Earlier, May 6:

BIG SALE signs outside Mitre 10 Boyne Island are enticing customers through the doors but sadly, it's the final closing sale for one the independent hardware stories in the region.

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Mitre 10 Boyne Island is clearing stock from its shelves, and is expected to close for good by the end of the month.

After owning the store for 27 years Kevin Hooper and his wife Annie say the "financial downturn" is the main reason.

For 30 years Boyne Island residents Maxine Brushe and husband Fred have shopped there.

It was also the first workplace for her daughter Melanie in the '90s.

Boyne Tannum Arts Business and Community Assoc president Maxine Brushe said it was another example of why it is important to support small, independent businesses.

"Just last week I heard some ads on the radio for Mitre 10 Boyne Island saying that we need to support local business," she said.

"I just thought what a great way to remind people to remember the man who is the local and who is convenient in your community.

"This is a very sad day for Boyne Tannum."

Glenfords Tool Centre, another independently owned general hardware store in Gladstone, is also feeling the pinch of tough times.

Manager Russell Partington says he's never seen business so slow.

More than 12 months ago, Mr Partington was selling up to 100 grinders a month.

Now he says he is lucky to sell five. Mr Partington found out this week about the closure of Mitre 10.

"We're both up against the big business (Bunnings) so we would always work together," Mr Partington said.

"It'd be good if Gladstone people could support local companies, not just in hardware but it any industry."

In a bid to get more customers through his door he's starting a sale too.

"It's the first big sale we've had since business started winding down in October last year," Mr Partington said.

"It's more of a survival type sale than anything else."

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce president Rick Hansen said independently owned stores needed support, rather than the larger companies.

"We need to be proud of our local companies and organisations now more than ever."

Readers leave their messages on social media:

Kylie Mannix: A sad day to have mitre 10 close. The Hoopers are such a lovely family.
Duncan Reilly: Nooo hate driving to town for anything let alone nuts and bolts now
Sandie Winstanley: That's too sad. All the best for the future !!
Kristy Bree: How heart breaking
Nicolle Heikkinen: What an absolute shame
Vanessa Stephanie: Aw I love Mr Hooper! Dad and I used to go there all the time when I was little when dad owned the paint shop. Lovely man, very sad to see
Josh Mountjoy This is a sad day for boyne tannum and small businesses throughout the region. I've enjoyed having the store here for my 11 years living in the region. Just two years ago I had the pleasure of buying off of Kevin when my dad came from overseas to help build a large sprinkler system. What a gentleman Kevin is an all-around good guy, his business will be missed!
Tracey Welburn The government make it hard enough to run a small business. Not even mentioning these great mega merchants out there whose profits you can guarantee don't stay for long in Australia. Kevin hold your head up high & take pride in the fact you were a successful business owner for so long. It's an end of a era in Boyne & surrounds losing our Mitre 10. Will miss the adds on the radio Kev. You are and always be a local legend. X
Warren Anderson Deeply saddened to hear this news-have shared some great moments with the Boyne M10 family over the past 15 years....will miss you guys!!
Sue Jones No way...soooo sad ..I have supported you guys..what a shame, great service and great informative staff with a sence of humour
Brett Smith Thats why we need to support the small locals. If we close our doors then you will be forced to go to the larger componies. We are also feeling the pinch with our small mechanical workshop in calliope. Its not all about the best price but the quality of parts and or hardware plus the personal service u get. I know all my customers names and have become mates with all. So remember to support the small local guys.
Sad day to see them close.
Dave Mcintosh THAT sucks another small busines gone!! all the people that didnt surport a local bussiness mitre 10 will complain because they have to drive 25km, just to buy something simple what dealing i have had with kevin hooper was nothing short of great service when are people going to wake up and surport small local bussiness and save local jobs for the future of our kids ???
Trace Lee
I have lived here for over 30 years and have found Kev and his staff to be pleasant and always there to help on every home handy man aspect . It will be a very sad day for the residents of Boyne/ Tannum when Kev closes his doors. Thank you Kev and your team for all your help and expertise over the years. Always willing to go above and beyond normal expectations something you don't find in the bigger business.
Elizabeth Palmer The one in Hervey Bay has closed to. They were often cheaper than Bunnings and had a reward card. Sad


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