Harbour report card is surely A grade!: letter writer


Letter to Editor:

I am disappointed that the Report Card appears to want to maintain the negativity mindset about Gladstone and its Harbour.

For economics, it was scored 'B'. This is for a Port handling more than 100 million tonnes of cargo, has just opened new coal and gas terminals, is about to welcome cruise ship visits and was able to handle woodchips and logs from Cyclone Marcia without prior notice. Strategic planning has provided locations for more terminals and industrial land at Aldoga. Surely A grade!

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Social and cultural results were obtained by telephone survey of people's opinion, not by objective assessment.

The Port, Industry, Council and Water Board have provided community facilities such as a Marina judged the best public marina in Australia, a spread of boat ramps for Harbour access, Millenium Esplanade and permit free stocked impoundment fishing.

Volunteer organisations provide marine rescue, a festival at the end of the yacht race, fishing contests with good prizes, sailing, lifesavers. outriggers, Navy Cadets, Sea scouts and more. Surely A class socially, not C!

I wonder if the people commenting on cultural included things like the indigenous name on the Path at Spinnaker Park, Murri Artist award at the Martin Hanson Awards and the many cultural groups involving painting, pottery and neddlework?

Mother Nature gave us a sheltered harbour with deep areas. It included mud crab habitat and tides keeping the Harbour flushed. However the spring tides interacting with with the mudflats and give some turbidity. This is a typical example of factors used to give a poor score for environment.

I feel like adapting the title of the C&W song to read- "You don't know what a good Harbour you have when you read the Report Card".

Noel Bowley
Port retiree

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Gladstone shivers as temp drops to 5.4 degrees

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