An LNG Tanker arriving in Gladstone Harbour.
An LNG Tanker arriving in Gladstone Harbour. Mike Richards GLA091108LNGS

New report finds Gladstone harbour health remains steady

THE health of Gladstone Harbour and surrounding waterways remains steady following the release of the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership 2018 report card.

The report card highlighted results from environmental, social, cultural and economic indicators within the Gladstone Harbour and Gladstone Local Government Area between July 2017 to June last year.

Overall, last year's results were similar to those reported in 2017. Environmental health overall received a C, social and economic health both received Bs and cultural health received a C.

Under the environmental health indicator, water and sediment quality remained very good at A, the grading for fish and crabs remained at a C and the score for habitats was poor at a D.

Mangroves were included in habitats for the first time last year and were assessed in all 13 environmental reporting zones.

The environmental health score has remained steady at a C since the inaugural 2014 report card.

The social component remained steady - community perceptions on harbour usability was satisfactory (C) and harbour access and liveability/well-being remained good (B).

The economic performance indicator results were the same as 2017.

However, the employment grade declined from satisfactory (C) to poor (D) and the socio-economic status declined from good (B) to satisfactory (C), highlighting evidence of lower economic conditions.

Under the cultural results, the grade for sense of place remained good (B) with cultural heritage remaining satisfactory (C).

Elders and traditional owners were consulted during the site assessments.

The 2018 report card was produced with the support of 25 partners, representing community, traditional owners, industry, science, government and harbour management.

GHHP chair Paul Birch congratulated the work of the partners, management committee, staff and contractors on the release of the report card.

"The report card is close to having all measures in place with only fish health to be finalised for the 2019 monitoring and reporting," Mr Birch said.

"Each year we have continued to improve and report the health of our harbour in line with the vision determined by the community."

Further details on the report will be released tomorrow.

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