Hannah watches the seagrass grow

SCIENCE EYE: Student Hannah Wilson is this week’s Girl Friday.
SCIENCE EYE: Student Hannah Wilson is this week’s Girl Friday. Tegan Annett

FROM the science lab to the football field, Hannah Wilson was keen to learn new skills from the moment she stepped foot in Gladstone.

The CQUniversity ecology and conservation biology student is completing a summer research scholarship at the Gladstone campus.

Her project is to find the impact of fauna communities on seagrass growth.

Having now finished the data collection stage, she has already noticed some interesting facts.

"Mantis shrimp seem to kill seagrass; I thought that seemed a bit strange," she said.

Three-years ago Ms Wilson moved to Gladstone to study, after she had a transfer from Monash University.

"I moved to Gladstone so that I could use the facilities here," she said.

"(The course) is more focused on ecosystems and animals rather than environmental testing, which is more of the environmental science degree," she said.

With six subjects left, she can see the end of the course coming closer.

"I'm considering continuing research and if I stay here it will be into seagrass habitats," she said.

"My dream job would be to work at a breeding program for endangered animals."

When Ms Wilson isn't in a science lab, she can be found with a football in hand.

Since moving to Gladstone she has joined the Gladstone Mudcrabs women's Aussie rules team.

"It's just a real good club and a good atmosphere," she said.

"Everyone treats you like family. It's a good place for people who have moved from Victoria or South Australia who are Aussie rules inclined to met some new people and get some exercise."

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