I Love To Laugh - Mary Poppins

A grunt, giggle or snort – laughter’s always best medicine

WE all have our own style of laughter and let out different sounds depending on how we feel in a situation - whether it be discreet or a bellowing guffaw.

The more I laugh the more I fill with glee. Coming across someone with an interesting laugh also brightens up my day.

I was lucky enough to hear a delightful hoot this week by someone who I will have to improve my jolts of comedy around so it comes out again.

This occurrence prompted a bit of a list. So, here are just a few types of laughs that have caught my attention:

Conversational life support. Often used when you need to respond to a statement but have already asked "beg your pardon" far too many times for polite society.

I have some relatives hard of hearing and the familiar sound usually marks the time to question, "Did you actually hear what I just said?"

The snort. Often causing a reaction of, "Did I just make that sound?".

Some people may think the sound undignified, but from my experience finding a natural snorter can be a smashing thing.

I met a lovely lady with this characteristic at college and her laugh was a cracker.

Evil laughter. Although evil laughter is generally pretty evil it can be a lot of fun to imitate, especially when stroking a white fluffy pet in a Dr Evil sort of manner.

Once you hear any character (real or in a movie) laugh in this matter, you generally know without a doubt that they are, in fact, a bad guy to be suspicious of.

Diplomatic chuckle. The sound of a struggling boat engine has somehow become the noise that people make when they would rather talk about anything else, usually because the acquaintance is too new or too important to speak honestly about the topic with.

The stifle. That's really not funny, but it kind of is.

Silent laughter. One of my personal m.o.s of laughing if I find something hilarious. It's like the laugh gets confused and instead of coming from the back of your throat it hunches you over from the shock.

So, what sort of laugh do you let out this week? If you don't remember laughing, I recommend you seek a solution immediately.

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Boost for job seekers with 36 traineeships on offer

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Influential lobby group hosts Gladstone business luncheon

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New gadgets and equipment for Gladstone SES branches

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