READY TO RUMBLE: GRUFS Old Boys will contest the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival.
READY TO RUMBLE: GRUFS Old Boys will contest the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival.

Vintage Grufs vs the world

GRUFS vintage rah rahs are set to take on the world when they travel to Sydney for the over 35s Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival on Sunday.

The week-long competition draws sides from across the globe to participate in a fun and friendly tournament and range of festivities, and our GRUFS are taking part for the first time in division six of 10.

“It’s very social; there are teams there that play hard and take it pretty seriously but we’re just a social side,” GRUFS player and trip organiser Royce Devlin said.

“All games end in a draw, that’s the rules of oldies.”

More than 100 teams from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Cook Islands, England, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Qatar, Russia, Scotland and the USA have nominated for the bi-annual tournament which promotes a world rugby fraternity.

“The social side of it is just as important as the playing side,” Devlin said.

“We’re looking forward to meeting like minded people from other parts of Australia and all over the world.”

The Gladstone Old Boys side has been together for two years now and plays five to six games annually against sides from around Queensland.

Devlin brought the side together to allow the older generations to continue playing the game they love in a laidback environment.

“I played competitive A-grade football up until I was 37 and just wanted to keep playing but didn’t want to play against 18-year-olds that want to kill you,” he said.

“It was born from a desire for people to keep active and don’t want to play full on.”

The festival kicks off with the opening ceremony on Sunday, followed by games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with activities planned for Tuesday and Thursday.

Any over 35s that want to get involved with Old Boys rugby union should contact Royce Devlin at Gladstone Police Station.

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