Greens welcome gas project delays

THE Australian Greens Party is becoming more vocal against the coal seam gas (CSG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in Central Queensland.

Last week the Greens were asking for a two-year moratorium on the coal seam gas industry until adequate environmental protections are in place, and yesterday they welcomed Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett’s request for

British Gas and Santos to revaluate their Environmental Impact Statement.

Incumbent Queensland Greens Senate candidate Larissa Waters asked if Mr Garrett were not considering the impacts of CSG mining on prime food producing land, then who was.

“The Queensland Government approved BG Group’s CSG project despite the Co-ordinator General’s stated concerns about the lack of information regarding groundwater and consequent impacts on farmland,” Ms Waters said.

Member for Flynn Chris Trevor said the industry had to get the balance right in these developments and compliance with National Environmental Law was essential. “A call by the Greens to delay the LNG projects by two years is ridiculous if a proper assessment can be undertaken before then,” Mr Trevor said.

Greens Senator Bob Brown said the Surat Basin, now a hive of exploration activity, was too valuable to risk.

“I will move to amend federal laws to make approval of coal seam gas projects subject to federal assessment and approval under the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act,” he said.


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Greens welcome gas project delays

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