Great Barrier Reef attracts new international doctor

NEW TO TOWN: Dr Lisha Pollocks has come to Gladstone from Sri Lanka via Dubai to work.
NEW TO TOWN: Dr Lisha Pollocks has come to Gladstone from Sri Lanka via Dubai to work. Chris Lees

GLADSTONE can thank the Great Barrier Reef for bringing Lisha Pollocks from Dubai.

Dr Pollocks began working at the Gladstone Medical Centre in April.

"I love it here," she said.

"Gladstone was the first place that I had an offer letter from and I didn't hesitate to sign."

Dr Pollocks said being so close to the reef was a big part of the reason for choosing Gladstone.

She was practising as a doctor in Dubai, but is originally from Sri Lanka.

Her husband's brother lives in Melbourne, which was a reason behind the move to Australia.

Dr Pollocks said there was a big difference between working in Dubai compared to Gladstone.

"I get to know lots of families here, but in Dubai it's just in and out," she said.

"It's (in Dubai) all working people and labourers, whereas here it's constantly families coming in."

Dr Pollock said the Gladstone Medical Centre had been incredibly supportive and she had great support from the other doctors working there.

Since she began working in Gladstone Dr Pollock said she had been fully booked most days.

And when she does get a holiday, she returns to Sri Lanka to volunteer as a doctor there.

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