THERE is arguably no cuter duo than the teeny-tiny gumnut babies, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

Even their names are enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Join them as they discover the Australian bush with butterfly rides, boating escapades and a surprise moonlight pageant in Tales From the Gum Tree.

Written by Jane Massam and illustrated by Caroline Keys, this picture book is an extension to the late May Gibbs' gumnut babies collection.

Celebrating 100 years since we first met Gibbs' classic characters, there has never been a better time to introduce these bare-bum cuties to your children, and get back into the family favourite yourself.

Get a copy for just $2.30 with The Observer today as part of our Great Australian Storybook Collection.

There are 15 of the nation's favourite books to collect and the promotion ends this Sunday.

Tomorrow's book is The Magic Hat. Here are the 15 books to collect:

  • Sunday 23 July - Possum Magic + Collector's Case (The Sunday Mail/The Sunday Telegraph)
  • Monday 24 July - The Wonky Donkey (The Observer)
  • Tuesday 25 July - Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas (The Observer)
  • Wednesday 26 July - Time for Bed (The Observer)
  • Thursday 27 July - I Went Walking (The Observer)
  • Friday 28 July - Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (The Observer)
  • Saturday 29 July - Pig the Pug (The Observer)
  • Sunday 30 July - The Very Cranky Bear (The Sunday Mail/The Sunday Telegraph)
  • Monday 31 July - There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie (The Observer)
  • Tuesday 1 August - This & That (The Observer)
  • Wednesday 2 August - Tales From the Gum Tree (The Observer)
  • Thursday 3 August - The Magic Hat (The Observer)
  • Friday 4 August - Pig the Fibber (The Observer)
  • Saturday 5 August - Waltzing Matilda (The Observer)
  • Sunday 6 August - Wombat Stew (The Sunday Mail/The Sunday Telegraph)

Collect your books from participating newsagencies, Woolworths and IGAs. For more information, head to

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