Spraytime over for graffiti vandal

A NOTORIOUS Ipswich graffiti artist has been jailed after admitting his 37th offence.

Police were called to Redbank train station on August 19 after the station master saw Stephen Nikhilesh Puran and a friend tagging.

But when Puran spotted police he bolted, leading officers on a 600 metre pursuit across two railway lines.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the officers yelled for Puran to stop but he kept running while discarding cans of spray-paint.

When he was caught, Puran, 26, said he ran because he “didn't want to go to jail”.

Puran had spray-painted the letters “EFS” which he told police meant “Educated From Society”.

Only six days earlier, Puran faced court for a previous graffiti offence and received a six-month suspended sentence and nine months jail with immediate parole.

Puran has been convicted 36 times previously for graffiti.

The case comes only days after The Queensland Times revealed Ipswich residents were spending more than $20,000 a month to remove graffiti vandalism.

Puran pleaded guilty to wilful damage by graffiti, possessing a graffiti instrument, obstructing police and trespassing on railway tracks.

He was sentenced to three months jail for the new offences, ordered to serve the whole of the six-month suspended sentence and his parole was cancelled.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Puran would be at the mercy of the parole board and may serve nine months behind bars.

He will be eligible to apply for parole on January 5 next year.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said his client turned to graffiti after his parents separated but hoped to clean up his act.

“He now spends his time skateboarding instead of doing graffiti,” Mr Fairclough said.

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