Watchdog looks into high petrol prices in regions

A GOVERNMENT watchdog has confirmed it will look into the high price of regional petrol prices, raising hopes of relief at the fuel pump.

Australia Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims announced on Thursday the commission would produce eight reports in 2015 including studies in three regional markets.

But it hasn't yet confirmed the locations of the three regional studies.

With the exception of two or three independent operators in the Gladstone region, fuel prices have consistently been up to 15c higher than Brisbane.

Gladstone resident Steve Roberts said he believed that was a good enough reason to look at what was driving Gladstone's prices.

"It's a standing joke at the moment getting ripped off in town buying petrol," he said.

"I'm praying they choose Gladstone and (the reports) delivered will scream blue murder with the prices we have been paying here."

Mr Roberts said he wanted people to pay a fair price.

"It's the Gladstone tax; all to do with the island workers, and they have jumped on the bandwagon of that," he said.

"I'm expecting to see some price dropping in Gladstone with a few people trying to make things look a lot nicer, (but) the ACCC (is) still going to be able to backdate."

Mr Sims said the ACCC hadn't seen the reductions in regional areas that it had in the cities.

What do you think about the ACCC looking into fuel prices?

This poll ended on 14 February 2015.

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Yawn. Seen it all before. Nothing will change


It's good someone is finally taking notice


It can't hurt. Any action is better than nothing


I have high hopes it will lead to lower fuel prices


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