THE region got some waves late last week and this week, with a few riders even venturing out to the reef for a taste of some real juice.

The reef breaks of the southern parts of the Great Barrier Reef provide some real power and tubes for those willing to gamble on the weather.

Most of the breaks are virtually in open ocean and subject to any wind, so just as waves of real significance require, timing is everything.

There have been a few days of light and light-to-variable winds in these parts and a couple of crews managed to get on to good waves.

For the rest of us, there were a few little sliders and the odd beach break.

This weekend is shaping up to offer a few waves, with that south-easterly change due overnight, small waves tomorrow and a better chance on Sunday.

The sand has been moving around a bit, with a flush of fresh and some pretty big tides and that groundswell last week, so you'll have to do a bit of looking to find a new, or revitalised, old bank.

Surf's Up's man (make that old salt) in Tannum Sands reported a few waves early on the high tide last week as that groundswell pushed in, and our northern correspondent sampled a few nice little waves in the Rockhampton region.

And there were reports of waves in the Bundaberg area as well.

Over in California, Santa Cruz local Nat Young (the blond goofy, not the real deal) won the Coldwater Classic trials and will head into the main event, with the pros a little edgy as the tour comes to a conclusion.

The penultimate event at Steamer Lane has a bit riding on it, with the possibility of the world title being decided, as could be places on the tour next year, although the most likely scenario is that it will go down to the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii next month in both cases.

It would be great to get a new world champ - and even better if it was an Aussie, with Joel Parkinson in the frame.

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