Gold Coaster returns to win top run prize

THE first of the nearly 4000 Botanic to Bridge competitors strode to finish line in just 23.50 minutes on Sunday.

Reigning winner, 32-year-old Jackson Elliott, placed first for the fourth time in a row.

The Gold Coast teacher, who competes all around Australia, said he enjoyed the Botanic to Bridge.

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"Each year it does feel like it's getting bigger and there are even guys here from Victoria competing," he said.

"It's definitely getting a name for itself amongst the running community."

Just 44 seconds behind him was Melbourne's Ben Ashkettle.

>> Thousands put their best foot forward for race

Ashkettle competed in a full marathon in Townsville two weeks ago and was not expecting to be in his best condition.

"I knew Jackson was running today so I'm happy to run second," he said.

Clare Geraghty now has a "clean slate" win for the two years she has competed in the Botanic to Bridge.

The Brisbane woman completed the eight kilometre race in 27.59 minutes.

"I enjoy the course because it's angulating, it's not boring," she said.

Second to Clare was Margie Atthow.

"I saw her (Margie) at the start and I knew I had to put in a good performance." she said.

The three kilometre event male winner was Anthony Craig (9.18 minutes).

The female winner, who is his wife, Daina Craig reached the finish line at 11.41 minutes.

Anthony ran his first Botanic to Bridge in 2012 and it was Daina's first time.

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