Going off road in a Barina? Not a problem... until it is

I ALWAYS seem to rely on someone else to act as my judgment. If in company, my risk assessment seems to always be "do it until someone tells you not to".

The fault herein lies when I am accompanied by someone of a similar mindset. I push my boundaries little by little until I end up in trouble.

A prime example occurred this week when contemplating a 4WD track in a very small and inadequate Holden Barina.

Even though I was behind the wheel, I sought confidence from my passenger... who just happened to also be an adrenaline junkie.

I have endured many a flat tyre and cracked windscreen, and honestly, I should know better.

But, with a little egging on, I felt invincible. Unfortunately, the Barina did not share that feeling.

The whole thing seemed mildly like deja vu.

Let me take you back to an incident, circa 2011, which demonstrates clearly my inability to learn from my mistakes.

My best friend and I were on the Stuart Hwy, about 50km south of Tennant Creek.

It's the UFO capital of Australia and roughly the location where Peter Falconio disappeared.

This time, I wasn't driving.

We blew a tyre while going at about 150km an hour.

My lovely friend hastily put her foot on the brake and we ended up spinning out five times across double lanes and flying backwards into Northern Territory scrubland.

Luckily for us, we were weighted down and didn't flip.

In the very next car coming down the isolated highway was a road worker with one leg.

Just our luck.

We were towed out and taken to the nearest town.

If I had learnt anything from that experience, I would not be again challenging the capabilities of a two-wheel drive.

I didn't get stuck this week when finding out where the end of Glenlyon Rd would take me.

But I could see the whole experience ending very badly.

I suppose I would be full of mundane stories if I didn't rely on an external brain to think for me.

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