SALTY VEINS: Hayley Streeter and her spanish from last Saturday.
SALTY VEINS: Hayley Streeter and her spanish from last Saturday. Contributed

Going fishing? Here's the top spots to throw a line in today

YOU know sometimes this region never ceases to amaze me with the quality of fishing we are blessed with right on our doorstep.

From the most well-stocked impoundment in Australia being Lake Awoonga, through to myriad of creeks, rivers and estuary systems, right out to the world-class fishery of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Among all those spots we have some amazing fishermen and ladies, who for generations have had salt running through their veins, and definitely don't grizzle when they have bait on their hands.

Hayley Streeter is from one of these particular families, being the daughter of Shane and Jenny, who for many years operated a spanner crab boat out of Seventeen Seventy 1770.

Her parents are also mad-keen fishermen sponsoring the heaviest red emperor trophy at the Boyne Tannum HookUp for the past 20 or more years.

This is as a memorial to Shane's dad, who was at the first couple of HookUps, and love it, but passed away in the late 1990s.

I have seen these kids grow up with a reel, or handline in their mitt, often hooking up with a big red and then chasing it all round the boat, causing mass tangles and havoc, but neverthe less doing it all with a massive grin.

Now Hayley is all grown up, and quite an accomplished singer, and ensuring that she stays in the fishing.

Her man and local angler Dylan Garlando took her for what she called a "sweet session” last Saturday.

And as you can tell by the grin, she hasn't lost her touch.

What I do like about this pic as well is the conditions in the background.

Speaking about conditions - hats off to QGC Communities Fund for financing the huge live screen at the VMR Gladstone Marina boatramp.

This screen will display the latest weather forecast, tide times plus some sponsor ads and also some info on how you can join the VMR family.

This is a great initiative and hopefully it will assist those who forget to check the weather and tides prior to heading out.

The local waterways have also been fishing very well.

Good numbers of barra are being caught in Lake Awoonga, especially in among the lillie pads of the sunny bays.

The grunter are plentiful and nice and fat in the Boyne and South Trees systems.

And let's not forget the sunken barge out off Cape Capricorn, which always yields excellent specimens.

Out on the reef the fishing has been nothing short of amazing with some excellent trout ending up in the esky.

I also see a massive red, about 16kg, was taken off the Discovery Coast this past week too.

These past couple of days have been rather nice as far as wind goes but obviously this morning that scenario has changed somewhat and doesn't look like improving until at least Tuesday.

So this weekend is all about targeting the rivers and creeks, plus coming up to the full moon, getting those pots up as far as possible.

If you don't have a boat, seriously think about a few options - like fishing off the beach (but get a permit for driving up to the Lillies) or book a charter, either from here in Gladstone or one of the four or five beaut options out of Seventeen Seventy.

All those operators know their stuff and will bend over backwards to accommodate what you require.

Last but not least, Nudge and Roxy at lake Awoonga have hire boats.

Maybe not ideal for this weekend but certainly worth giving a crack or hire the barbecue boat with the family.

Hooroo, Daz

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