Angie and Yvie from Gogglebox are not happy over the treatment of those with disabilities.
Angie and Yvie from Gogglebox are not happy over the treatment of those with disabilities.

Star's disabled brother refused club entry because of look

ONE of the stars of Ten's Gogglebox TV drama lifestyle show has slammed a Sydney bar over the alleged treatment of her brother, who has Aspergers.

Angie and Yvie posted on Facebook that Angie's brother, visiting from the Sunshine Coast, was out with them for a friend's birthday in the eastern suburbs.

The pair are no strangers to the rights of disabled. They live with Tom, who has Down syndrome.

Gogglebox is a reality show which films people's reactions to what they are watching on television.

"Saturday night was the perfect example as to why I can't stand going out in areas like Double Bay,'' Angie's post read.

"My brother has Aspergers syndrome & a rare chromosome condition called Supernumerary ring 1.

"He's a big friendly giant, but due to this chromosome condition he often looks half awake & is very hunched over.

"The security guard at The Sheaf asked him the typical ' are you drunk? Are you on drugs?' questions which I absolutely understand they have to do, but it got to the point where I had to stand in & explain to them that this is the way he looks, alcohol or no alcohol.

"Luckily one security guard thanked me for explaining & let us in. Only just.

"Not once, but twice I had to stand in & defend my brother who finds it difficult explaining his condition, and I don't blame him! Why should he have to?

"Now for the second time which occurred in Casablanca in Double Bay. The security guards refused my brother entry because of the way he looked, not the way he was acting.

"They even had the audacity to ask him if he's not high or drunk then does he have a medical condition?!

"I tried to explain but they kept shutting me down and told us to get out of the line because my brother LOOKED intoxicated. I got very angry & asked for the manager.

"They ushered me away like a piece of trash. They said my brother should carry papers to prove he is autistic, to validate why he looks the way he does! Apparently the manager finally came out.

"A friend of mine told me that the manager gave in, & quote 'OK fine, the autistic friend can come in too'.

"It was so horrible and so embarrassing and I know that this kind of thing happens a lot in Sydney eastern suburbs.

"They judge people on how they look/ their status etc. Why should having an acute medical condition that affects your physical exterior stop you from being allowed anywhere? All we wanted was to have a drink and a dance.

"I saw a handful of other people in the line obviously off chops. This is including myself, who was much more intoxicated than my brother, yet I'm not refused entry?

"I'm truly heart broken. If this post can stop even at least one person from ever going back into those establishments, then that's one less customer & money supporting these terribly ignorant / superficial places.

"When a person with a disability is treated less favourably than a person without the disability in the same or similar circumstances, that's disability discrimination and I won't stand for it.''

APN is seeking comment from the Casablanca in Double Bay.

I had my baby brother visiting me from the Sunshine Coast. We went out for a friend’s birthday in the eastern suburbs...

Posted by Angie and Yvie on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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