An old Sun Valley Labrador. He is one of at least eight animals that will be put down this week.
An old Sun Valley Labrador. He is one of at least eight animals that will be put down this week.

Gloomy outlook as D-Day arrives for 8 pets in pound

FIFTY dogs and cats were put down last month, that's 32 more than the same time last year.

The Friends of the RSPCA centre, run by a small group of volunteers working on behalf of the RSPCA to rescue and rehouse animals, is at full capacity.

There are 13 pets in the pound; eight of which will be destroyed this week.

Friends volunteer Lisa Warman picked up an un-collared and unregistered, but surrendered black Labrador on Thursday from a Sun Valley home.

The old dog is thought to have been dumped because of costly vet bills from a cancerous tumour growing on its hind.


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And under Gladstone Regional Council's rules, this dog will be put down tomorrow; having lived out three business days.

Fellow volunteer Jo Borchers said dumping a pet was a cheap and immoral way out.

"It costs around $380 to privately euthanise your pet. I hate to think it, but people abandon them when vet bills get too much," she said.

They said they can arrive to find dogs tied up to the fence - abandoned. "And sometimes we get boxes of kittens dumped over the fence," Ms Borchers said.

Ms Warman said the number of animals being euthanised in 30 days wasn't surprising.

"I actually thought it would have been more than that," she said. "There were heaps in there on Thursday. Now, well they must have gone. There's six puppies in there at the moment."

It takes one look on Facebook to realise just how many irresponsible dog owners there are in Gladstone, she said.

Environment portfolio spokesperson councillor Col Chapman said it was important for pet owners to update animal registration and microchipping information.

The rescue and reuniting fee can be up to $200 though for an unregistered animal plus a daily sustenance fee of $15 per day.

According to the Gladstone Regional Council's 2014-2015 budget, $1,398,648 was spent to keep the facility going.

The Friends of the RSPCA hold cat adoption days on the third Sunday of the month and dog adoptions on the fourth Sunday.


  1.  If you can't look after your pet, rehouse it, don't dump it
  2.  You need to have money for vaccinations, treatments and emergencies
  3.  A dog can live to 17. Make sure you're able to do that too
  4.  Pets can become destructive if left alone for long periods
  5.   There is no excuse for animal cruelty

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