Gladstone’s pink display for charity was just brilliant

HOW brilliant was it to see so much pink in Gladstone?

Monday was Pink Ribbon Day right across Australia and it was just great to see a sea of pink all the way from the industry reflective shirt workers to the many office workers all wearing the iconic colours.

I went down to Sun Valley and caught up with some friends for coffee and it just seemed everyone was in on the act.

Plenty of volunteers were out and about all over Central Queensland, raising money for breast cancer like all the team at Agnes, Yeppoon and of course our northern suburb of Gladstone, Rockhampton.

Thank you to everyone for all your hard work.

My family has even got in on the act, that is my extended family.

You all know about my sister and her battles but on Friday her son Josh took her by surprise when he said he wanted to shave his hair for cancer in aid of his Mum.

If you are a parent you will know how good that would have felt to have your child say something as nice as this, off his own bat!

She was no less than floored by the request and allowed him and his school mates to all get their hair cropped.

I'd post a photo so you can see it in the Observer but I don't want to scare anyone eating their cereal. You can however check him out at our Facebook page. He's not bad for a 12-year-old!

I am hoping for his sister to do the same but I can't see it happening!

Molly was born nine years ago with a full crop of dark hair and has constantly kept it long, dark and ridiculously over the top when it comes to grooming, so asking her to lose it for charity would be like stabbing her pet dog, or losing her iPhone. Maybe as she grows up she will change her mind.

One can only wait and see.

If you've done it, you let me know!

Just so you know, I'm not shaving my hair and no, I'm not growing a moustache for Movember as it looks stupid on me, but as always I will be donating to the cause.

We are a generous bunch around here in CQ, so keep up the great work.

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