Iconic macaw is back home safe and sound

HOME AGAIN: Duane Venema is happy to have his prized macaw Vicden back at home with him.
HOME AGAIN: Duane Venema is happy to have his prized macaw Vicden back at home with him. Mike Richards

GLADSTONE'S iconic bird, Vicden, is back with her owner Duane Venema after being missing for more than a week.

The three-year-old Macaw was reported stolen after she didn't return home one night from her daily free-flight outing.

Duane, along with friend Tameka Bishop, took to social media to help find where the bird was located.

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He received multiple phone calls from strangers around the nation with information and photos of the possible macaw.

While macaws are all almost identical, Vicden has a missing toe and that is what eventually led to the return.

An anonymous tip-off from a local led Mr Venema to an address at Barney Point where Vicden was retrieved, after being kept in a dark back room.

While macaws are worth a lot of money, Duane said Vicden was priceless to him.

"I've had her since she was four months old," he said. "She drives me crazy sometimes but I wouldn't give her up,"

The only free-flight macaw in Gladstone will now be house bound.

"It's so good to have her home and she won't be let out of her cage again," he said.


  • Macaws are native to the jungles of Central and South America
  • Largest of all the parrots
  • Wingspan up to five feet
  • Macaws can live for 80-plus years


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