Gladstone surpasses all others when it comes to generosity

HAVING only lived in Gladstone for eight months, some things are standing out to me as unique about this town.

It is a town where you can find premium goods at second-hand stores, where the sunsets are unrivalled, and the glow of industry at night is somewhat alluring.

In Melbourne, you are asked what school you attended. In Sydney, it's what suburb do you live in.

In Gladstone, it's where did you come from.

It's a town founded on the back of the pursuit of happiness. Some of us stay for decades, some only for months.

But like any place, there are negatives and positives.

I've travelled through and lived in many cities and country towns in Australia.

Gladstone surpasses all others in one aspect. Its generosity.

Writing numerous articles recently on the plight of the Wilkinson family; I have developed a friendship with mum Tanya, and talk to her almost every second day.

The family of five's world was rocked when a head-on collision caused injury to four, and one very serious injury to the littlest member, Abi.

The strength Tanya is sourcing from within herself is largely coming from the support of home.

In my inbox each day arrives a new story about someone doing what they can to help a family they have never met.

The bus drivers who are passing a tin around on each of their runs.

Family businesses who prioritise love over money.

Rural communities who already have so much to deal with, yet are giving whatever they can.

Fundraising has now spread as far as Scotland and the USA.

In two weeks alone, $15,000 has been raised.

I know Tanya would want to thank every single contributor for their selflessness.

But I'd like to say it for myself as well.

Although Gladstone may only be my home for now, I'm proud to say I am a part of this very generous community.

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