'Rape threat': Police tell of abuser's horror threat to family

DESPITE being previously bashed by her partner, a woman sobbed and ran from a Gladstone court as the man was banned under a domestic violence order from seeing her when freed from jail.

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The man, aged in his 40s, pleaded guilty to contravening release conditions and obstructing police in August.

The court heard the man had been released from police custody over a domestic violence matter but arrested within weeks after breaching the order in which he was not to approach the woman.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police went to her house after reports of a disturbance and saw she had a swollen lip, redness and crooked teeth.

Sergeant Stevens said drink had been spilled over her shirt, she was visibly shaken, and blood was seen on the floor.

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The woman told officers her partner assaulted her after being dismissed by his employer.

When found the man was taken to the police watch house but became belligerent, aggressive then began swearing when officers tried to pat him down.

Sgt Stevens said the man was threatening and officers believing he was going to assault them had restrained him.

"He threatened to rape a member of a police officer's family and to kill them," he said.

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The man had already spent two weeks in custody and Sgt Stevens said the incident involved violence and jail was within range to get the message across that domestic violence was not to be tolerated.

However, Sgt Stevens said that to the man's credit he had no like history.

Watching court proceedings the man's partner was visibly upset and began to cry.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said the man lost his job and began drinking significant amounts of alcohol.

"He is very remorseful, very embarrassed by his behaviour," he said.

Magistrate Melanie Ho told the man his partner suffered crooked teeth and a swollen lip and he must understand the community did not condone such behaviour.

She said his record shows he had a previous offence of obstructing police and had been fined $1200.

Ms Ho said police should not be hindered in their duties.

The man was sentenced to two years probation with domestic violence counselling. And must not have contact with his partner, although he was told to seek legal advice to vary this.

The woman then ran from the court sobbing.

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