Red Bulls’ Jurack Massey lets rip with a pitch.
Red Bulls’ Jurack Massey lets rip with a pitch. Brenda Strong

Softball season begins

GLADSTONE'S softball season began over the weekend with juniors through to top grade players revelling in their return to the diamond.

The A-grade men's competition, which consists of just two sides at present, started with a 3-1 win for Souths over Psyclones in what Souths' Steve Armitage labelled a great start to the campaign.

“For our first game it was good, we've got a good mix of experienced guys, new guys and some juniors,” he said.

Three games were played in the A-grade women's competition; Telfords registered wins over Kings and South and Psyclones thrashed Kings by nine runs.

Armitage, who coaches the Souths women's side, said that Rockhampton side Kings could be in for a tough season.

“A-grade looks like it will be a tough competition for Rocky and the other three teams will be close all round, it's hard to pick a clear favourite at this stage so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out,” he said.

B-grade women is shaping up as one of the most spirited competitions with a myriad of new players on board. Their first round saw Renegades defeat Telfords 20-15 and the association under-15 side lose 17-3 to Souths.

“One of the most pleasing things is that there are a lot of new faces running around this year particularly in B-grade, which is good for our player base,” Armitage said.

The competition is likely to be bolstered in the coming weeks by the additions of Boyne's Crocs, who will add five sides to the mix including four in the junior divisions.

“Once they're up and running we'll end up with a good spread of teams with most of the grades all full, B-grade in particular will be strong with six or seven teams in there,” Armitage said.

Armitage said that the standard of competition across the grades was already strong in the early stages of the season.

“The pleasing part was that the teams were organised and ready to play softball.”

Armitage said men's softball should expand to four teams next season and see the return of a Gladstone rep side to the State Championships.


A-grade Men

Souths 3 def Psyclones 1


A-grade Women

Psyclones 10 def Kings 1

Telfords 4 def Kings 2

Telfords 8 def Souths 3


B-grade Women

Souths 17 def Association under-15s 3

Renegades 20 def Telfords 15

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