Gladstone residents feel the need to lock up

GLADSTONE residents don't feel as safe as they used to in their own homes, with many locking their doors even when they are home.

Commenting on The Observer's Facebook page on Tuesday, most were sad that times had changed.

The comments followed a story on Monday about a young woman who was shocked when a man walked into her home, before running down the back stairs and jumping a fence.

Jayme-Lee Bowser went downstairs and found her cupboard doors were open and the man had left his phone behind.

"I am on high alert now and need to take precautions," she said.

"When I am home in the middle of the day I'll have to lock my door now."

Cassandra Bray said she always had her doors locked, and it was sad that "we have to do this nowadays".

Tarlia Smith said she had grown up never having to lock doors, even when they were away from the house.

"It's very sad that people now have to be like prisoners in their own homes, having to lock everything up in order to feel safe," she said.

"Since moving to Gladstone from a small, quiet and safe country town, I always have my doors locked and my front windows latched even when I am home, or I can't relax and am not comfortable."

Sarah Nancarrow said she had experienced a similar situation to Ms Bowser.

"Happened to me a few months back - thought it was hubby home from work," she said.

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"The idiot was high as a kite and the cops picked him up (cause I rang them) just down the road. He was door knocking to see if someone would drive him to NSW."

Dianne Daniels said she always locked her doors when she was at home.

"A habit I got into 20 years ago when I came home from shopping, unlocked my door and found a strange man in my house ransacking it.

"He had broken in through the back door. A very frightening experience, especially when for one moment he thought of attacking me but then ran.

"Still have no idea why that experience has always made locking my door a habit, as obviously if someone wants to break in they will, but always be on the safe side."

Ashley Coleman said she locked her doors, but only to stop the kids escaping.

"Before I had kids I never did," she said.

A Gladstone woman got the fright of her life yesterday when a man walked into her home while she was sitting on the...

Posted by The Observer on Monday, March 30, 2015

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