Agnes Water school celebrates amazing writing improvements

A HUGE 22% increase in writing standards, and an enthused student and teacher base, is what Agnes Water State School has seen in the past year.

The school began the Seven Steps To Writing Success program at the start of last year and has seen a big improvement.

Head of curriculum Leigh Tankey said in a lot of schools writing had been identified as an area that needed priority.

"Teachers are often unsure how to teach writing effectively, we have lots of different ideas but piecing it all together is tricky," she said.

Ms Tankey became a coach of the Seven Steps program.

"When I came back I gradually disseminated what each of the seven steps looks like in a classroom," she said. "But we did it in a way that was fun."

Like any workplace, Ms Tankey said there was some resistance to change but once they started it was embraced quickly.

The school has been tracking writing results for about 14 months.

"We are starting to see now that the children are putting (the Seven Steps) into their writing," she said.

"The kids love writing, they see me in the playground and they say 'did you see my sizzling start, can I show you my writing?'"

Ms Tankey said it would be wonderful if all schools adopted the program.

"It gives us the tools to give feedback to improve but it gives them the tools to be great writers," she said.

"I am completely 100% sold, I just think it's wonderful."

Ms Tankey said the creative side of teaching writing could be challenging, so this program was great as it provided tools to help this.

The Seven Steps to Writing Success

  • Plan for Success
  • Sizzling Starts
  • Tightening Tensions
  • Dynamic Dialogue
  • Show, Don't Tell
  • Ban the Boring
  • Exciting Endings

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