New recruits Luye Murphy and Akilah Bethel have impressed for Gladstone Port City Power in game one against Rockhampton Cyclones
New recruits Luye Murphy and Akilah Bethel have impressed for Gladstone Port City Power in game one against Rockhampton Cyclones Matt Taylor GLA020519PCPW

Gladstone Port City Power is a family club for Luye

BASKETBALL: Hoops has taken Gladstone Port City Power Central Coast Apartment's newest member Luye Murphy to many parts around the globe.

But it might not have happened had it not been for her adopted family and parents Helen McNeil and Roy Murphy.

"I was found on a railway station at three days old," Murphy said.

"I was then put in a orphanage and the day finally came where I was chosen by a New Zealand family."

Murphy's new parents worked for TVNZ and flew to China to meet their new daughter.

"When I was nine months of age my parents took me to Brooklyn, New York, where I then lived and went to school there for 23 years," Murphy said.

"I finally moved to New Zealand in 2016 to present."

Murphy heard about Port City Power when former Gladstone player Kayla Kiriau began to play for them.

That's when Murphy's interest grew to head to Australia.

"I was recommend by Milomilo Nanai and I'm very grateful to have Milo by my side," she said.

Murphy describes herself as an Energizer Bunny and more than did her bit to keep Port City Power in the hunt against Rocky in round one.

In 10-minutes of court time Murphy nailed three triples, two rebounds, a steal and an assist.

"I am excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us because once we start clicking with one another we are going to be a team to watch out for," she said.

Teammate Akilah Bethel also made an impact against Cyclones with 14 points at 60 per cent.

She was born and raised in Baltimore and also has not had the easiest basketball journey.

Bethel tore her anterior cruciate ligament when she played for West Virginia University.

She transferred to Louisiana State University where she played for two years.

"I wouldn't say I had the best college career but it made me strong," Bethel said.

"Going professional had always been a dream of mine and playing professional overseas right out of college was a dream come true."

Power take on Ipswich Force which sit bottom of the QB ladder and Bethel said she believed team success was close.

"Coach Ray Cooper, you know, he is expecting us to go out there and execute, play hard and get these road wins," she said.

Port City Power women and men play at 5pm and 7pm respectively on Saturday.


Murphy: "Basketball has taken me to a lot of different places.

I played on several AAU teams which gave me the opportunity to play in some top tournaments such as Dykman, West 4th and Rucker Park.

I also played on many Chinese invitational teams which took me to many different states.

Playing basketball has also got me into coaching. I love to coach and I coached at two private schools in New York City.

So far I love Gladstone city. The people are very friendly and there is a decent amount of things to do you just have to explore and stay curious."

Bethel: "I think coming into the Gladstone program has been really good for me.

We have set a standard for ourselves. To hold each other accountable and play each game on our term. Play hard and stay together. I would say every country or team you go to is a different type of play but you have to be able to adjust

Well I got a message saying coach Ray was looking for a player. And i had played last year and he thought i would be a good fit for the team

I think I can offer knowledge, leadership and toughness. Whatever the team needs from me. Of course I'm going to score but I am the type of player that likes to get involved in all aspects of the game. Steals , rebounds , assists etcetera whatever the team needs from me I will give."

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