Man in handcuffs
Man in handcuffs

Gladstone police raid uncovers guns, drugs in Clinton

Gladstone police found drugs and a gun after they executed a search warrant on a home in Clinton, a court heard.

Sonny Stones, 60, pleaded guilty to three charges including possessing dangerous drugs, unlawfully possessing restricted drugs and unlawful possession of a category A, B or M weapon.

Police prosecutor Carl Spargo read the facts of Stones’ case to the court and Acting Magistrate Paul Byrne.

On March 30, 2021, around 8.55am, police attended Stones’ address in search of a person wanted on a warrant.

Police knocked on the front door of the house and were unable to raise anyone.

Police walked around the right side of the house and entered through a side gate that was unlocked.

While in the backyard police observed two large cannabis plants, one in a pot and the other in a garden bed.

Police obtained photos of the plants and noted the larger plant was about two metres high and two metres wide.

Police searched the dwelling but found no one home at the time and seized the cannabis plants by removing them from the pot and garden bed.

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The weight of the larger cannabis plant was 10.65kg and the smaller plant was 3.85kg.

Then, on April 13, 2021, around 11.55am, police attended Stones’ address and executed a search warrant.

Police once again entered the property via the gate and were unable to locate anyone in the house.

Police located a number of items of interest during their search including a Category A air rifle stock and barrel in the hallway cupboard.

Additionally, one blister pack with 14 tablets of the restricted drug pregabalin was located in the kitchen drawer along with copious amounts of medication in Stones’ name.

Police called Stones, alerted him to what was going on and arranged for him to attend the front counter of the Gladstone Police Station later that day.

Stones told police he knew about the two cannabis plants in his backyard, but said it was not his and he had asked the owner to remove it.

Stones made no attempts to call police in relation to the plants and stated he did not care for the plants in any way.

Stones said the rifle was an air rifle and that he had owned it for a long time.

Stones stated the pregabalin was his and he had gotten it from a friend to relieve sciatica pain.

He could provide no lawful or emergency reason for the above facts and was issued a notice to appear in the Gladstone Magistrates Court.

Stones was convicted and fined $750 and convictions were not recorded.

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