Gladstone MP backs trials for medical marijuana

GLADSTONE state member Glenn Butcher says his government would "be crazy" not to pursue trials for medical marijuana.

New-instated Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller last week made a public stand in support of developing trials for medical uses of the schedule one drug.

It is the strongest indication from any state in Australia that decrimialisation or legalisation of cannabis in its medicinal form could become a reality.


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And while Mr Butcher says he has never puffed on a joint in his life, he supports the administration of the drug to sufferers of certain medical conditions.

"I'm all for it, particularly for those at their end of their tether who can't access anything else," he said.

"We'd be crazy not to have a look at it."

Mr Butcher was adamant however that he would never support the recreational use of marijuana.

"I have never smoked marijuana, or a cigarette for that matter," he said.

"I do believe we need to move forward however, and we as a government need to be looking at treatments that work."

The comments could not be further from the stance taken by the Newman Government, which introduced the country's strictest drug laws.

It is a step in the right direction, according to local marijuana advocate Liam Newby.

"It's no more than a few words muttered publicly at the moment," he said.

"But a positive step nonetheless. The government not only needs to consider chronically and terminally ill patients, but also how the synthetic market is fuelled by ridiculously harsh laws."

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