Are you a single bloke in Gladstone? Good luck with that

GLADSTONE blokes should look elsewhere for love, according to demographer Bernard Salt.

Mr Salt lists Gladstone as the fifth worst place for single blokes in Australia, saying the ratio of males to females is extremely disproportionate at 141 males per 100 females. (His data is taken purely from single males aged 25-35.)

Gladstone makes the list as a bad town for single blokes

Mr Salt believes the problem lies in Gladstone's industrial base.

"All the towns which have a dominance of single men are industry or mining based", he said.

"And men are attracted to blue-collar industrial work."

According to Mr Salt there isn't a small number of women in Gladstone but rather an oversupply of men.

Towns which attract women are considered "lifestyle places" and women often move there to pursue university education or for job opportunities which exasperates the ratio problem.

Relationships Australia spokesperson Alex King von-Kirschner explains that having a distorted ratio can cause problems in the community.

"It changes the way people socialise", she said.

"They also don't have ties to the community which means they are more likely to take part in anti-social behaviour like violence and aggression."

Ms King von-Kirschner believes a lot of workers are stressed and that RA has seen an increase in stress-related alcohol abuse.

"We have definitely seen a rise in stress and co-parenting issues, with people a long way from their homes and families", she explained.

"We've doubled our staff and increased our opening hours because now we've noticed a bigger need for our services.

Cassie Moran, a counsellor at RA and a Gladstone local, has definitely noticed a change in Gladstone's night-life.

"Before we would have a beer and walk home but I'd never do that now", she said.

"Gladstone has a transitional population. It's important for people to expand their social groups to meet new people."

Ms Moran suggests that people should find other ways of socialising, like going to the beach or out to the reef, to meet people in a more positive situation.

Mr Salt recommends Gladstone men holiday down south at Byron Bay or move around to find love because the odds are much better.


Singleton, NSW

  • 180 males: 100 females

Ayr, Qld

  • 171:100

Mackay, Qld

  • 156:100

Griffith, NSW

  • 141:100

Gladstone, Qld

  • 141:100

Wollongong, NSW

  • 140:100

Lithgow, NSW

  • 139:100

Bunbury, SA

  • 139:100

Whyalla, SA

  • 137:100

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