Adani Carmichael Mine.
Adani Carmichael Mine. Sam Panthaky

Gladstone mayor's 5 tips for Adani mine's FIFO cities

Matt's five tips for CQ Councils

  1. Make the State and Federal Governments to listen
  2. Housing, housing, housing
  3. Council road infrastructure upgraded to deal with LNG construction traffic
  4. Consider upgrades needed at airport to cater for increased air traffic
  5. Access to basic community services such as a GP, dentist, schools, etc. 

CENTRAL Queensland councils are about to embark on a long journey of trying to negotiate with State and Federal governments and Adani Carnmichael for Queensland's biggest coal mine and the Gladstone Mayor has some words of advice.

Last week, Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville were identified as the three employment hubs for the $16 billion coal mine near Clermont.

The project would mean an increased demand for accommodation at Clermont, whether during construction or a FIFO camp for the permanent coal miners, along with other infrastructure and services for Central Highlands, Isaac Regional Council, Rockhampton Regional Council and Mackay Regional Council.

Gladstone is coming out of a boom period after the construction of three LNG projects on Curtis Island.

The region's newly elected Mayor Matt Burnett, who has been a council member for over 15 years, has shared the lessons Gladstone Regional Council learnt from the experience.

The first piece of advice he has for the four councils involved - make sure the State and Federal Governments listen to what your council recommends for infrastructure and services needed in your region to accommodation the growth in population due to construction of the mine and rail corridor and once it is up and operational.

"We had situations where we had the State Government were conditioning proponents to upgrade State roads on one section but then not conditioning them to upgrade the council road in the middle so there were a lot of outrageous things like that going on," he told reporter Kerri-Anne Mesner.

"The councils have to be brought along the journey and I've always said and I still maintain that we need to be a concurrence agency in these approvals.

"If the state and federal governments want to make approvals in a local government area, you should make the council a concurrence agency.

"Not a referral agency where you get to make suggestions or have an opinion on what should be done in your community, you should be able to condition what is being done in your community. And we were never given that opportunity."

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