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'UNFORGIVABLE': Family hold door shut to escape dad's rage

A MAGISTRATE has condemned a father's violent behaviour as "unforgivable" after his terrified family had to run into another room and hold the door shut to get away from his violent outburst.

Yesterday Gladstone Magistrates Court was told the 43-year-old had hit his partner of 10 years with a closed fist while the two of them had been drinking at a private residence on March 29.

The court was told the man, who pleaded guilty to two charges of contravention of domestic violence order, also called the woman insulting names and accused her of incest.

The woman told police her partner had threatened to kill her and asked her: "You want me to throw you over the balcony and kill you?".

Police prosecutor Sergeant Merrilyn Hoskins said neighbours witnessed the violence and verbal abuse.

In fear, five family members present at the time of the man's outburst ran away from him and into the hallway.

They held the door to the room he was still inside of closed until police arrived.

Children were among the group of five.

The court was told the man, who has two children with the woman, denied punching her.

His lawyer Jun Pepito said the "whole incident" was "triggered" by the alcohol the pair was consuming.

The court heard the man had also threatened to kill the woman and hit her in the face after she returned from a funeral on February 16.

Magistrate Catherine Benson told the man standing behind locked glass that "punching a person to the head or face is extreme violence".

Ms Benson added that "insulting and vulgar comments" unleashed on his partner "only (made) the matter worse".

She said the fact children were present made his actions "unforgivable".

"You can't even imagine the fear they experienced," she said.

The defendant was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and another six-month prison sentence with immediate parole release.

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