Gladstone Harbour closed to all shipping traffic

UPDATE 6PM: Weather conditions in Gladstone Harbour remain unsuitable for passenger ferry operations and are forecast to remain the same overnight, with a gale warning current.

As a result it has been determined that passenger ferry operations will remain suspended.

The situation will be reassessed by the Gladstone Harbour Master at first light on Saturday, with a view to resuming operations during the day as the weather eases.

UPDATE 1.45PM: Shipping on Gladstone Harbour will remain closed until 4pm on Friday, when another review of the weather situation will take place.

Earlier Friday: Gladstone Harbour has been closed to all shipping traffic because of weather related to ex-Tropical Cyclone Dylan.

The harbour was closed at 8pm on Thursday night and remains closed on Friday morning.

The situation is being re-evaluated as the tide changes and the weather will be examined throughout the day.

Gladstone Harbour Master Mike Lutze said they would be assessing the situation  mid-morning and if the harbour didn't  open they would re-evaluate it again around mid-afternoon.

Yesterday: The Gladstone port will remain open for business while Cyclone Dylan develops unless conditions force a change.

Maritime Safety Queensland is closely monitoring the weather and will stop operations only if the weather becomes too severe.

Gladstone harbour master Mike Lutze said that although it was wet and windy, the harbour was still safe.

>> Gladstone open as cyclone closes coal terminals up north

"We haven't closed any terminals at the moment. It's still safe for commercial ships to operate in the harbour," he said.

"However, we do recommend that small recreational boats don't go out."

Ships to Curtis Island and at the coal terminals are still operating and will be until further notice.

Mr Lutze said cyclone contingency plans were in place to become operational if the situation required.

The last time the Gladstone Harbour stopped operating was during ex-cyclone Oswald last year.

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