Gladstone is set to see installation of NBN cables happening soon.
Gladstone is set to see installation of NBN cables happening soon. Warren Lynam

Get ready for NBN Gladstone

WORK has taken off to provide NBN services to all residents across the Gladstone region.

On Monday this week, NBN announced new construction work is set to begin between now and the end of the year, across Gladstone Central, Benaraby, Telina, Wurdong Heights and Sun Valley.

Beecher resident Noel Harvey lives on Siding Rd about 12km out of town and he couldn't be happier about the arrival of the National Broadband Network.

His current internet access at his property, like many other residents living remotely, he claims has been inadequate, with residents forced to drive into town to check emails.

"(I am) not joking when (I say) it takes two minutes to bloody turn a page," Mr Harvey said.

"You've got your wireless connection but you cannot get Wi-Fi, we can stand half a meter away (from the modem) and not get any Wi-Fi connection."

NBN reached a milestone last week, announcing that two thirds of premises outside major urban areas now have access to NBN services.

NBN senior corporate affairs manager Kylie Lindsay said the company was pleased with the progress of the project.

"We're actually really thrilled to reach this point, we are halfway to construction across the entire nation," she said.

"We've smashed that target, (for regional areas) it's certainly been good for morale in the company."

The roll out of the NBN network has prioritised regional Australia for a host of reasons.

One is because the internet quality is generally poorer outside urban areas.

Ms Lindsay advised Gladstone residents in the near future could expect to see NBN contractors starting installation work.

She said this would involve boring and digging trenches, installing new pits, hauling, splicing and testing fibre cables, copper jointing and, interfacing the copper network with the fibre network.

For people living outside urban centres, instead of laying cables in trenches, NBN will construct transmission towers that will give residents access to a fixed wireless connection.

The following locations in the region are scheduled to have new transmission towers constructed; Elizabeth Peak, River Ranch, Beecher, Burua, Mount Larcom and Moolyung.

Mr Harvey reported that work at the Beecher tower had already started, with concrete foundations being laid more than a week ago.

With regards to the Beecher tower, Ms Lindsay said it's not possible to give an exact date for when the tower will be ready because there might be downstream or upstream dependency, in other words other towers might need to be installed before the Beecher tower would become operational.

"I wouldn't think it would be too far off, it tends to take about six to nine months," Ms Lindsay said in regards to the Beecher tower.

If you would like more information, you can call 1800 687 626 or go to There's an address checker on the website where you can check what is happening with regards to the NBN for your specific address.

Across Australia the NBN roll out is expected to be completed by 2020. All of the work on fixed lines in Gladstone will be starting this year.

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