ALP leader Bill Shorten.
ALP leader Bill Shorten.

Gladstone needs to move off resource industries: Shorten

OPPOSITION leader Bill Shorten believes the Coalition government has forgotten Gladstone.

In a speech outside Gladstone Mater Hospital yesterday morning Australian Labor Leader Mr Shorten said the Liberal National Party was happy to take taxes out of Gladstone but had been strangers through the downturn.

"We're seeing hard redundancies at (Queensland Alumina Limited) and elsewhere," he said.

"We're seeing people confronting the prospect of redundancies in a way they haven't in the past six to 10 years."

He said the government needed to encourage economic activity outside of the resources sector to soak up those losing their jobs.

"That means infrastructure, that means sorting out port roads two and three, the access to the port," he said.

"It means whoever is in government should stop talking about supporting infrastructure and get on and build stuff."

At the hospital Labor candidate for Flynn, 25-year-old Zac Beers, said the Coalition's proposed cuts to Medicare would put pressure on regional health services.

The proposed cuts are believed to find $650 million in savings from the bulk-billing incentive payments for blood tests, X-rays and MRIs.

"Regional communities should not have to travel to metropolitan areas for medical treatment," he said.

National Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd did not respond to requests for comment.

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