Gladstone dust bowl

NEW Auckland homes in Gladstone are being covered in dust and dirt daily and residents have had enough.

The new Vantage Estate currently being developed on Kirkwood road has turned Penda avenue which backs onto the estate into a dust bowl.

From houses and swimming pools to air-conditioning units, Penda avenue residents fight the dust daily to keep it at bay.

Penda avenue representative Des Cook is a property developer and believes the Vantage Estate has overstepped the mark in their duty of care to some degree.

“To be fair there is going to be some dust because they are moving a hill, but the dust minimisation would be the appropriate step to take,” Mr Cook said.

“Twenty to thirty houses are being affected by severe dust caused by high winds, but the problem is these houses are brand new and they are being destroyed by floating grit in the air.

“It penetrates the carpet and air-conditioning units and everything is being coated in this gravy of dust that is being emitted from this building site. Water trucks are currently used to get rid of the problem, but it is not the total solution.

The company building the Vantage Estate, Peet Limited told The Observer they have been employing rigorous dust suppression measures and the latest engineering technologies throughout the development.

“During the current stages of construction at Vantage, two 15,000L water trucks are onsite each day wetting down the clay-based soil prior to, and during, excavation works and also ensuring the stored topsoil mound remains moist,” Peet Limited managing director and CEO Brendan Gore said.

“Peet is also aware there is a dust monitoring station at Clinton, just minutes from Vantage, which it understands has consistently recorded a “very good” reading throughout construction of the new estate.”

“I have seen water trucks but their job is mission impossible with the winds,” Mr Cook said.

“Vantage have apologised for the dust but apologising will not fix the problem. They’ve tried to reassure residents that trees are going to be planted and that there is an end in sight and whilst that’s the case, once the dust is in it stays embedded within the home.”

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