A GLADSTONE bus driver has made headlines in the UK for his kind and courteous nature.

Buslink driver Chris Jordin was nominated as Bus Driver of the World 2012 in a letter to the editor in a UK coach magazine.

In his letter to Routeone, Roger Smith wrote about his three month trip to Gladstone with his wife earlier this year to visit their daughter.

During their stay in Gladstone Roger and his wife relied on the local bus service to get around. 

bus driver
bus driver

"One particular driver stood out and I could not believe the trouble he took with all his passengers," he wrote.

"I have never met a bus driver quite like him."

When The Observer brought the letter to Chris Jordin's attention he was quite surprised.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me before," he said.

"I feel embarrassed actually."

After working as a bus driver for three years, Chris has worked on every route in Gladstone.

It turns out he has more than just one fan out there.

Chris owns a collection of Christmas cards, notes and letters from school kids, their parents and past passengers.

"Parents call me up and want me back on their run," he said.

"They actually become like family," he said.

For Chris, bus driving began as a fill-in job until "something else came along".

But, being a people person, he enjoyed the job too much to ever leave.

"We're here to serve; it's a service," he said.

"That's how I try to do it."

It's a gig that which has earned him the love and respect from many members throughout the community.

Read the happy customer's letter on page 16 of the magazine here.

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