Tide at Boyne Island higher than during last year's flood

King Tide floods - Jeanette Matslofva's huose was threatened at Boyne Island. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
King Tide floods - Jeanette Matslofva's huose was threatened at Boyne Island. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA310114FRNT

UPDATE 5.45PM: The highest tide of the year along with strong winds and swell brought by ex-tropical cyclone Dylan caused localised flooding at Barney Point Beach and erosion in parts of the Boyne River on Friday.

Onlookers came in droves to see the waves break over the Barney Point Beach at around 9.30am as the king tide peaked at 4.8m.

However, Boyne River residents were less impressed by the sight of the waves which washed away part of the Boyne River car park and came close to flooding several houses.

Jeannette Matslofva said she has been lobbying the local council since 2008 to provide her with building guidelines for a retaining wall that would save her property from flood damage.

On Friday, the king tide flooded her front veranda and came within 15cm of washing into her house - levels even higher than last year's Australia Day floods.

"We had waves breaking over the veranda with quite a lot of debris washed up from the river," she said.

"The last two weeks I have been really pushing (council) because I knew with the hide tide and especially if we were going to get a cyclone it would have been disastrous."

With almost a metre of top soil washed away, Ms Matslofva spent the day sandbagging her home against the next high tide, which is expected to peak at 4.73m around 10am on Saturday.

UPDATE 11.45AM: The king tide and strong winds associated with ex-Tropical Cyclone Dylan have combined to create localised flooding at Barney Point Beach, Gladstone, on Friday morning.

The 4.8 metre tide brought water almost up to road level and the harsh winds whipped up the sea water, sending it gushing onto the street.

A number of residents went down to the beach to watch the event.

Little damage was done by the water.

The tide is expected to be the highest for this year.

EARLIER: Gladstone is bracing for wet weather after the category two tropical cyclone Dylan made landfall overnight.

The cyclone made landfall near Hydeaway Bay (east of Bowen) at 3.30am, and at 7am was estimated to be over land 80km south south-west of Bowen, moving at 20km/h.

It is now moving further inland and weakening, and the cyclone has been downgraded to a tropical low.

>> TC Dylan makes landfall near Hydeaway Bay, moving south

A severe weather warning remains in place for coastal and inland areas down to Gladstone, with damaging winds and peak gusts of up to 100km/h expected for the Capricornia district, along with heavy rainfall with the potential for flash flooding, and the highest tides of the year.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said Gladstone would have an increase in the number and intensity of showers well into Friday.

"Showers and thunderstorms could have a squally nature," he said.

The weather should ease by Sunday.


Mayor urges Gladstone residents to be prepared

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"There will be widespread showers on Saturday, with rain and winds expected to ease on Saturday afternoon. Only isolated showers are expected on Sunday," he said.

"People are advised to look out for weather warnings on the Bureau of Meteorology's website."

Residents living in Mackay flood zones have been advised to move their vehicles to higher ground and consider moving furniture.

A storm tide is likely to impact homes on Friday morning and afternoon.

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